People come to Daheishan to travel. Welcome to Daheishan.
People come to Daheishan to travel. Welcome to Daheishan.
People come to Daheishan to travel. Welcome to Daheishan.
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Survey of scenic spots
Daheishan tourist attraction is located in the northwest of Beipiao City, Liaoning Province, and borders Aohan Banner, Inner Mongolia. It is 30 kilometers away from Beipiao City. It is now a national level 4A tourist attraction and an ecotourism demonstration area in Liaoning Province. It is a mountain-type forest leisure tourism scenic spot featuring strange peaks and rocks, northern forests, apricots and azaleas, ice waterfalls and hot springs, clouds, sea and fog waves, Red Pavilion steles, wildlife and praying Buddhist temples. It consists of four scenic spots, namely, the West fairyland, the peak competition show, the May ice and the Holy Mountain Deer park, and the Mountain Gate square. There are hundreds of natural and cultural scenic spots such as Julong take-off, Tang monk worship ancestors, Zhenshan respect, Tianxia Ground Crevice, South Tianshilin, Shuixian Waterfall, Huiyuan Temple in Tibetan and Zen Monastery in Han Dynasty. They are called "Green Island in Western Liaoning, the source of life". In 2016, Rishang Enterprise Group of Sanqingshan, Jiangxi, invested heavily in the planning and construction of scenic spots, and comprehensively upgraded and built new scenic spots, new landscapes, new tourist routes and new cableways. 4500 meters barrier-free Chinese filial piety allows you to easily and smoothly travel to the West fairyland scenic spot; 5000 meters of anti-corrosive wooden trestle road surrounds the natural hieroglyphic landscape of the most concentrated peak competition scenic spot. 2199m sightseeing ropeway will bring you a new beauty! Daheishan is a paradise for you to travel, a blessed place for pilgrimage, a scenic spot for sightseeing, a pure land for leisure, a famous resort for vacation, and a beautiful back garden of Beijing, Shenyang and Tianjin.
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