People come to Daheishan to travel. Welcome to Daheishan.
People come to Daheishan to travel. Welcome to Daheishan.
People come to Daheishan to travel. Welcome to Daheishan.
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Brief Introduction of Tourist Cableway in Daheishan
Daheishan tourist ropeway in Liaoning Province started construction on April 1, 2016 and was put into operation in October 2017. The cableway adopts single-track circular detachable rope holder. There are 58 suspension boxes for 8 persons. The designed traffic volume is 2000 persons per hour and the one-way is 7 minutes. The ropeway is 2199 meters in length, 310 meters in height difference between upper and lower. There are 13 supports along the way. The next station is located on the southern slope of the tourist center, including the tourist center, with a building area of 4500 square meters. It is built according to the situation of the mountain and slowly travels through the lush forests of Daheishan Mountain. The upper station is located in the southeast of Tenglong viewing platform of Qunfeng Jingxiu scenic spot.
If traveling on the ropeway by the visitor center, with the lifting of the hanging box, visitors like floating on the green island of the sea, with the breeze blowing on their faces, the artistic conception of "the more quiet the cicada singing forest, the more quiet the bird singing mountain" gives people a refreshing feeling. And from the Tenglong viewing platform to take the ropeway down, standing high, while overlooking the panoramic view of Daheishan, while overlooking the strange peaks and rocks, unique style, it is refreshing, wonderful.
Great Montenegro tourist ropeway organically links the splendid and colorful nature, fresh charm and fashionable life elements to complement each other, moving from one landscape to another, drifting from one experience to another, a comfortable and convenient sightseeing ropeway, realizing the beautiful change of time, space and mood. Welcome to Daheishan tourist ropeway!

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