People come to Daheishan to travel. Welcome to Daheishan.
People come to Daheishan to travel. Welcome to Daheishan.
People come to Daheishan to travel. Welcome to Daheishan.
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Survey of scenic spots

Humanistic history
1. King Feng Ba of Beiyan took refuge in DaheishanDaheishan was called Lenglongshan in ancient times. The main peak is Pingdingshan, north of Shandong Province. There is a peak called Chimney Hill. From Chimney Hill to Beimen, there are more than 2,000 meters long trenches called Chimney Trench. In ancient times, here Lin Haitao, rivers and streams, strange rocks stacked, deep and gloomy. According to legend, King Feng Ba of Beiyan once fled here to take refuge.Legend has it that when Emperor Hou Yan Mu Rongxi (401-407), Feng Sufu, Feng Ba's eldest brother, joked about swimming in the Daling River and saw a golden dragon float down. He thought it was a very good omen, which caused disaster. Emperor Mu Rongxi was furious when he heard about it
and was ready to kill the Feng Sufu brothers. After receiving the news, Feng Ba and Feng Sufu fled the capital Longcheng (now Chaoyang) and headed straight for the mountains and valleys in the north of their hometown, the lush forests, the one-man-in-charge, and the Lenglongshan Mountain, where Wanfu was difficult to attack.When Mu Rongxi heard that the Feng Ba brothers had fled, he immediately ordered Sima Sun's escorts in the north to pursue them. Legend has it that the Feng Ba brothers escaped into the chimney ditch and entered a desperate situation. But at this time, the wind and cloud over Lenglongshan suddenly changed. In a moment, dark clouds rolled, lightning flashed and thunder broke down the trees. Heavy rain poured down, accompanied by hailstones, piled up the chimney ditches. Sun escorted the scene and ordered the soldiers and horses to return to Longcheng.It turned out that Sun Hu and Feng Ba were usually very good. They returned to Longcheng and reported to the emperor the weather of the chimney ditch. He also said that the rebellious Feng Ba and others had been killed by hailstones and recovered by the gods, and Mu Rongxi in his twenties believed it to be true.
After the storm, Feng Ba and others walked into the ditch. In the haze, they suddenly found a temple on the eastern cliff of the ditch. There
seemed to be "Qingyun Temple" on the gate of the temple, with Guanyin Bodhisattva sitting inside. Feng Bazhu's brothers knelt down and kowtowed. When they looked up, the temple disappeared, only to see the rocks on the cliff like a temple. Feng Ba believed that this was the hint of God, so the brothers cut down trees and built houses, built stoves, lived by hunting, practised martial arts, and managed great undertakings. They did not think that God had arranged for Feng Ba to become King of Beiyan.Thick smoke curled up under the chimney-like peaks, and later generations called the mountain "Chimney Hill" and the ditch "Chimney Trench". If you are in the chimney ditch and swim from Beishan Gate to the ditch, you can see a large stone without edges and corners at the entrance of the ditch. This is the "hailstone" that suddenly fell in the sky. Then, the open and rigorous "martial arts training ground", the lifelike "Qingyun Temple" on the cliffs, the "conference hall" on the natural stone steps, the magical concealed "Tianwang Cave" and the "Sangzhe Garden" advocated by Feng Ba show us scenes one after another.
2. Xue Renguisheng captured Abu Gu
According to Liao Shi Manuscript, in the five years of Tang Xianqing (660 A.D.), Songmo Dudu Dudu and Dahe Abu Guju opposed the Tang Dynasty, and the target of attack was Tang Yingzhou (present Chaoyang). Xue Rengui and Xin Wenling were ordered to March eastward to Western Liaoning. King Abu Gu of Qidan took Lenglong Mountain as the natural barrier and was self-sustaining in danger. In April, Xue Renguibing met with rebels
led by King Abgusso of Khitan in Daheshan, and the two sides launched a fierce battle. KingQidan, with his own martial arts and high strength, was armed with a curved hook and flying knife, killing six Tang soldiers in a row. Tang soldiers were afraid that no one dared to go up. Xue Rengui was furious. He was wearing white clothes, holding a halberd gun, carrying two bows at his waist, mounting a snow-white horse, riding forward alone and taking Abgu. Within three rounds of the war, Abu Gu was defeated by Xue Rengui and fled.Xue Rengui raced his horse and chased Abgu directly into the Daheishan Pear Tree Valley. Abgu had no way to escape. He was captured by Xue Rengui from behind by a flying
horse. Other generals surrendered one after another. After the victory of the rebellion, Xue Rengui escorted Abu Gu and other Khitan leaders to Luoyang, the eastern capital. Tang Gaozong Li Xue Rengui was a general of Zuo Wuwei and a man of Hedong County.
3. Emperor Qianlong Watches Iron Trees Blossom
In Beipiao area, there is a widespread story of a Habeizi who lied about the blossom of a thousand-year-old iron tree and deceived Emperor Qianlong into going to Daheishan in an attempt to kill the monarch and usurp the throne.This Haberzi is the ancestor of the inherited shellfish of Tummett Banner. In the war of suppressing peasant uprisings in the Manchu and Qing dynasties, he was a pioneer leader. Every battle, he is murdered like hemp, bloody battle gown, known as "bloody shirt first". Emperor Qianlong, in order to commend him for his military achievements, Jin Feng his rank as a king of other counties, rewarded him with three-eyed plumes, and married the princess to him as a courtier of the current dynasty.But Haberzi's ambition was to be emperor, so he tricked him into sending people to lie to Qianlong that the thousand-year-old iron tree in Daheishan had blossomed, which was a sacred Buddha and a blessing to the emperor. When Qianlong believed it, he was escorted by General Bai and came to Daheishan to watch the iron trees blossom.When Haberzi heard about it, he set up an ambush in the East-West ditch of Daheishan. When Qianlong arrived, he killed the monarch and rebelled.As soon as the people and horses of Qianlong entered the ditch of Dahei Shandong, a group of people and horses came to him and said that Lord Wang was driving in the ditch and asked the emperor to go to the mountains and watch the flowers. After that, the men and horses lined up on both sides of the road, let the Real Madrid's team pass, and sealed the entrance to the mountain.The people and horses of Qianlong made another journey into the ditch. Suddenly, the wind came and the trees shook. The tall trees on both sides of the road fell down like broken roots. All of a sudden, the road was blocked by big trees, which is the origin of the place name "block road". With the tremendous sound of falling trees, ambushes behind the trees on the hillside rushed down from the mountains with their weapons, causing a great earthquake. Qianlong was shocked to learn that he had been deceived. He urged General Bai to open his way and escort him to
break through the siege.This white general is extraordinary. He has white armor, white robe, white gun, white horse and white flag. He has a thousand kilograms of strength in both arms, a magic gun haunts him, and a thousand men are not brave enough. Seeing him take the lead, displaying his prestige, dancing the silver gun in his hand, and picking up the trees blocking the road like pear blossoms, like silver snakes flying, rebel generals, dying in touch, protecting Qianlong, killing a blood road, from the ditch to the outside of the mountain.Qianlong and his followers rushed left and right with General Bai, and they managed to throw off the pursuers behind them. They were as anxious as a fish in the net, and as terrified as a dog in the house, they came to a ditch. Not far away, the soldiers in front of them shouted bravely. Originally, they panicked and went into another ditch called "Huludougou". Qianlong urgently ordered the soldiers and horses to turn their heads and rush out of the ditch. Just because of the emperor's saying, "Huludougou" is called "Turning back the ditch". As soon as General Bai turned his head around, he heard a great earthquake outside the ditch, and chasers sealed the ditch. The archers buried on both sides of the hillside fired arrows from the bushes and rocks together. The emperor's soldiers and horses were crowded into the ditch and had no way to go. Most of them died or were injured.At that moment, Haberzi stood on the top of the hill, waving his flag and shouting, "Shoot the man in the Dragon robe, don't tell him to run away!" General Bai was about to rush the horse to meet the enemy. He heard Haberzi's cry. He rushed out of the horse and said to Qianlong, "Long live, this traitor is intent on killing the Holy One. I waited for him to fall into despair and have no hope of survival." The minister has a golden cicada shelling plan to insure long-lived escape. Qianlong was impatient: "What would you like to hear?" "Please live forever and change clothes with your ministers. Only the ministers die for the monarch. There is no good way!" Then they changed their clothes. General Bai ordered several deputy generals to protect the emperor and break through the ditch. They flew on their horses and rushed straight to the hill where Haberzi stood.When the rebels saw him wearing a yellow robe, they thought he was Qianlong. They abandoned the real emperor and rushed to him, trapping him in the core. General Bai was helpless and conflicted for dozens of rounds. Finally, he was outnumbered and fell under the horse with several arrows in his body. Haberzi saw the "Qianlong" wearing a yellow robe shot dead on the mountain. He drove his horse down from the mountain and Looked up. He took a breath of air! Only then did I know that I was fooled. If you want to go out and chase again, that group of people and horses has already left Da Montenegro - hopeless!

Brief Introduction to Daheishan
Daheishan tourist attraction is located in the northwest of Beipiao City, Liaoning Province, and borders Aohan Banner, Inner Mongolia. The scenic spot covers an area of 30.31 square kilometers and the Pingdingshan, the main peak, is 1074.3 meters above sea level. It is the highest peak in Beipiao and is known as "Yandu Saint Mountain and Beipiao Ridge". The characteristics of plants in North China, Inner Mongolia and Great Hinggan Mountains are gathered. The forest coverage rate is 93%, which is praised by Hu Yaobang as "Green Island in Western Liaoning". It consists of four divisions, i.e. the Westward Journey to Wonderland, the Qunfeng Competition Show, the May Ice and the Saint Mountain Deer Garden, and the Shanmen Square. It is a mountainous recreational tourist scenic spot featuring strange peaks and rocks, northern forests, apricots and azaleas, ice waterfalls and hot springs, Red Pavilion steles, wildlife and praying Buddhist temples. It is now a national forest park, a national 4A-level tourist attraction, and an eco-tourism demonstration area in Liaoning Province.
Daheishan is famous for its strange stones and enjoys the reputation of "the kingdom of strange stones". It is called "30 strange scenes". Chinese Shilong, magical sky eye, pig bear welcome, Lion King Shou mountain, tiger whistle peace, Tang Dynasty monk worship ancestors, general worship mother, Shimen Qian Kun, the bottle of Zhen Shan, the purple sky gorge, the immortal ground seams, the high hand, the Ma Chao flying swallow, the south of the Five Ridges Virgin Mary, the old road blessing, the powerful world, the golden bell toad, the Zhuzi admire the scenery, the Tianmen stone forest, the general worship mother, the peach garden justice, the cowherd weaver girl, five Ice on the moon, happy tortoises, always affectionate, really miss you, kiss you for 10,000 years, Laojun pointed to Zen, children worship Guanyin and other forms of weird stones, ghost axes, magic, profound implications. As well as hundreds of natural and humanistic scenic spots such as Huiyuan Temple in Tibetan and Zen Monastery in Han Dynasty, they are beautiful and unforgettable.
Great Montenegro is a forest wonderland, and the air is valuable. The scenic area has a high forest coverage rate and rich forest facies characteristics, which are colorful with seasonal changes. Spring azalea red apricot white, Ying Geyan dance; summer red poplar green, ten thousand trees and onions; autumn cool Fengdan Liu Huang, colorful; winter cold pine green cypress, silver wrapped. There are 1279 species of exotic flowers and plants, 384 species of wild animals belonging to 75 families and 28 orders. It is the green island of plants in the north, the world of mountains and flowers, and the natural paradise of wildlife.
The historical and folk culture of the scenic spot has accumulated abundantly. Sanyan culture, Manchu and Han culture, fossil culture, red culture, religious culture and folklore are rich and colorful. It is the birthplace of Sanyan Ancient Capital, the sacred mountain and backbone of Gulong City. There are many beautiful and magical stories and legends about King Wen Chengdi Feng Ba of Beiyan who hid in the chimney ditch to escape the pursuit and killing. Xue Rengui of Tang Dynasty captured King Abgu of Qidan in his lifetime. Emperor Qianlong of Qing Dynasty visited this place to watch the iron trees blossom, Wulan and Luan Tianlin resist Japan and Manchu.
The scenic spot has convenient transportation and developed communication. State Highway 305 from Zhuanghe of Liaoning Province to Balin Zuoqi of Inner Mongolia crosses in front of the mountain gate, 30 kilometers from Beipiao City, 70 kilometers from Chaoyang Airport, 110 kilometers from Fuxin, 90 kilometers from Aohan Banner of Inner Mongolia, 179 kilometers from Chifeng and 150 kilometers from Jinzhou Port. Surrounding Beijing-Harbin Expressway, Changshen Expressway, Fujin Expressway and Jincheng Railway, Beijing-Shenzhen High-speed Railway to five cities in Western Liaoning and Beijing, Tianjin, Dalian, Shenyang, Changchun and other places, the location conditions are very favorable. Surrounding with Aohan hot spring, grassland, Chaoyang Fenghuangshan scenic spot, Niuheliang scenic spot, Lingyuan hot water soup hot spring have good accessibility.
Tourist facilities in scenic spots are diversified and their functions are humanized. There are cableways, slideways (under construction), glass trestles, sightseeing cars, sun-shading and rain-shelter corridors, pavilions and other recreational facilities and equipment to meet the various tourist needs of different levels of tourists. The country's first 4500-metre barrier-free walking path allows you to enjoy a journey to the west of fairyland scenic spots, to pursue the road of Tang monks and apprentices to the west, and to explore the wonderful stories of gods and demons, which are praised by tourists as "Chinese filial piety". The 2199-metre ropeway provides you with a visual feast overlooking mountains and rivers from the high altitude of the mobile platform, and to enjoy the beautiful scenery of love and the witness of the miraculous peaks for a long time. The thrilling excitement of the glass trestle road; 5000 meters of very wooden road allows you to close to nature, climb high to see the scenery, walk at ease. Great Montenegro is a paradise for you to travel, a place of pilgrimage, a harbor of love, a scenic spot for sightseeing, a place of leisure and a place of renown for vacation.

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