People come to Daheishan to travel. Welcome to Daheishan.
People come to Daheishan to travel. Welcome to Daheishan.
People come to Daheishan to travel. Welcome to Daheishan.
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May ice
Located in the south of Daheishan Mountains, it is connected by sightseeing lanes, circular walkways with a total length of 4000 meters and multiple sightseeing platforms. In the cold valley where two mountains hold each other, the trees are green and shady, and the springs are flowing. Even in the hot summer, they can enjoy the cool air. Because of their special geographical location, the springs here freeze into ice in the cold winter, forming a beautiful and magical ice waterfall landscape with a thickness of several meters. By May of the lunar calendar, they are still clear and beautiful, and their charm remains. Therefore, they are called "May" by the local people. Ice.
May ice is a unique geographic relic of Montenegro, which has evolved over tens of millions of years. It is well known in the local area and is well known as the famous ecological climate landscape of the surrounding cities. In May, the ice service area along the trail is a hundred meters ahead, with lush trees on both sides of the hillside, dense shade and shady sunshine, streams of mountain springs, and people entering it, quiet and cool. The ice layer here is several meters thick in winter. The mountain wind blows, and the ice is covered with layers of fallen leaves. It does not begin to melt until every summer, until before and after the Dragon Boat Festival. Whenever spring comes to summer, the ice and snow melt at the bottom of the ditch, the water flowing under the ice is shining, the shoots are green and the trees are purple and red. Green trees, flowers, running water and ice form a beautiful picture. When Mr. Liang Yunpo, a well-known master of poetry, calligraphy and painting in Taiwan, visited Daheishan in June 2005, he deeply lamented the scene and wrote poems in praise of it: "Cuilin returns to a hundred miles, frost leaves pile upon thousands of layers, Wanjiaqing Dragon Boat Festival, May ice in Montenegro!"

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